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New and Used Pallets

The pallet represents the root from which everything begins, the basis of our production and distribution chain, which allows us to be present in all economic sectors: from Large-scale retail to Mechanical, from Automotive to Food & Beverage to Chemicals and branded products.

The quality of our product is evidenced by the trust of our customers, which include some of the leading multinational corporations globally.

The integrated production process starts from both the raw material wood (log) and the semi-finished product (boards and joists); control over the entire supply chain allows us to ensure flexibility, responsiveness, material availability and quality of the manufactured product.

The production department of new pallets has automatic lines for nailing, assembling and finishing pallets, capable of ensuring productions up to 10 thousand pieces / day. We are licensees and produce both standard pallets (EPAL and CP – Chemical Pallets) and special pallets according to customer’s request, for example, pallets for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container).

The used pallet repair department uses robotic lines for sorting and is capable of processing up to 2 thousand pieces/day. All pallets, both new and used, can be supplied upon request with HT phytosanitary treatment in compliance with the ISPM15 FAO standard.

Pallets for Effegi are not just made of wood: as part of our product range we can also offer a wide selection of plastic pallets.


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